Product Information

  • Black Round Chandelier features an elegantly modern design with a stylish black finish that will complement any dining table or kitchen. It’s round shape and sleek material will enhance the ambiance of your interior decor.
  • This chandelier is equipped with an adjustable light function and adjustable height. The hanging line can be customized up to 200cm, ensuring the perfect fit for your space. It comes with a ceiling plate for easy and flexible height adjustments.
  • The lamp body of this chandelier is made of durable aluminum, while the lamp belt is crafted with high-quality acrylic. These materials not only promise longevity but also add to the overall aesthetic of the product.
  • With a color temperature range of 3000K-6500K, the chandelier offers three-color dimming, which can be easily controlled by a single switch. This feature allows you to set the mood of your room according to your preference.
  • With a chandelier length of 800cm, 1000cm and 1200cm, this light fixture is perfect for illuminating your dining table and kitchen, bringing a touch of sophistication to your meal times.





100 cm, 120 cm, 80 cm